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Swimming Pool Aerator




Reduce Maintenance Time With A Quality Pool Aerator

A pool aerator adds Oxygen to the water, and removes CO2 through outgassing

Fits most 1,5" Swimming Pool Threaded Returns Jets
*For 1,5" Hayward Returns Jets, see for "SPAO2 to Hayward adapter"

No Additional Pump, Powered  by the Pool Pump

Easy installation - Screw the Aerator Into the Pool Nozzle


The new, white ABS, mold injecting aerator, shock-resistant, and enhanced aeration shape.

Sold in set of two aerators + accessories: female adapter and air pipe extensions up to 20.8"

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SPAO2 Venturi Pool Aerator Set

Aerator  Installation

Swimming Pool Aerator




 1. Unscrew the old nozzle

2. Remove the multi-flow ball

3. Screw in the SpaO2 aerator

4. Insert the air pipe

5. START the pump 

Check that the filter is clean, and close any other returns without aerator installed in it, for a normal pressure!

Water  Aeration  Benefits

less worries, more fun

SPAO2 aeration benefits


Swimming Pool Aerator



 O Raises pH without raising alkalinity 

Less chemicals 

Crystal clear water

O Less chlorine smell

O Less algae 

O Cools off pool water using night cold air 

O2 oxidizes Fe and Mg improving clarity

Calcium and other minerals bind in larger particles, easily retained by the filter 

Aerobic bacteria decompose organic matter

O2 eliminates microorganisms that gives a foul smell

O  Improves water circulation

Faster surface cleaning

Water smells and tastes like a mountain spring

Full Video Description

1. About natural aeration - 00:00

2. The SpaO2 product - 00:32

3. Aerator easy installation - 01:01

4. The family of aerators - 01:-13

5. Chemical Benefits of aeration - 01:30

6. Other aeration benefits - 02:12

7. Reviews - 02:51


Swimming Pool Aerator

Three things to check before placing the order

The  Nozzles of Your Pool are 1-1/2 inches?

 The SpaO2 aerator is compatible with most 1,5" threaded wall returns 

Aerator installation compatibility

 The Depth of Your Pool Nozzles

The SpaO2 aerator is equipped with an air pipe and two extensions up to 20.08". The air pipe should stay 1.5" above the water surface

Pool aerator max depth

How Many Aerators do You Need

The aerator is powered by water pressure, so a good pressure will produce a higher amount of bubbles, a lower one less or not at all.

If one of the pool nozzles doesn't have an aerator installed, the water will drain through it more easily, and the nozzle with an aerator installed in it, will get insufficient pressure. So, you need to install an aerator in each nozzle of the pool or, the nozzles without aerator to be reduced/closed with plugs.

Also, check the filter to be clean, also for a normal pressure!

Inside pool aerator box


Robert W Lowry
Pool Water Chemical Expert

Aeration reise pH without chenging alakalinity

Over-aeration can raise your pH levels beyond the recommended range. 

Be sure to test your pH and total alkalinity regularly. Your pH should be between 7.4 and 7.6 and your total alkalinity should be between 100 and 150 parts per million (ppm)

If your pH has risen dramatically, you need to remove the air pipes, and the aerators will become simple nozzles

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