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Set of two POOL AERATORS + Accessories (for 1 1/2" male or female type existing wall nozzle in your swimming pool)

Set of 2 x POOL AERATORS + accessories (for 1-1/2" nozzle connection)

  • The aerator is powered by water pressure, so a good pressure will produce a higher amount of bubbles, a lower one less or not at all.

    ​If a pool nozzle doesn't have an aerator installed, the water will drain through it more easily, and the aerator will get a low pressure, so it is necessary either to install one aerator in each nozzle of the pool, or to reduce/close the nozzles without aerator. Otherwise, the pressure will be too low to attract air from the surface of the water.

  • SPAO2 air pipes are suitable for nozzles depths less than 19.3" The total length of the air pipe is 20.8 inches and the free end must remain above the water 1.5 inches

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