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Swimming Pool Aerator


An innovative & Eco-friendly  product for pool water treatment 



For UE customers

For US customers



When placing an order, please mention the exact address, postal code and telephone number (required by the shipping company)

non EU , non US countries and islands please email us to determine the shipping cost (aerian)


1. If  your pool nozzles connection are (1-1/2")

2. How many nozzles are installed in your swimming pool?

For the aerators to operate, it is necessary either to install one aerator in each nozzle of the pool, or to close/reduce the nozzles without aerator. Otherwise, the pressure will be too low to attract air from the surface of the water.

3. The distance between the water surface and the nozzle axis must not be greater than 19.3". The total length of the air pipe is 20.8 "and the free end must remain above the water 1.5"

Before placing the order, please check:

WARRANTY: This product has 24 month warranty

RETURN POLICY: This product can be returned in 30 days, the buyer will cover the shipping cost

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